Payment Options

We Have A Few Options Available

Personal Pay

Most of our practice members have large families, do not have insurance or are on a fixed income. Our monthly care plans allow you to receive all the care necessary for you to regain your health at an affordable fee. We will be happy to provide you with monthly statements for insurance reimbursement.

Major Medical Insurance

We are currently in network with Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare and Aetna. Some insurance plans have variable chiropractic coverage. Out of network benefits are available for most insurance plans that are not listed. We cannot predict what the company will cover. Any remaining balances (co-pays and plan percentages) will be the responsibility of the patient. You may utilize your flex spending or health savings account for services. You may contact the members hotline on the back of your card to verify your chiropractic benefits or bring your card to the office and we will check for you on your initial visit. Restrictions may apply for Affordable Health Care Insurance Plans. Check with your carrier for details.

Traditional Medicare pays for a portion of chiropractic care (80%). Exams are not covered on Traditional Medicare. Some secondary insurance companies will cover the balance (20%) not paid by Medicare. There is a deductible at the beginning of the year.

Care Credit

Care Credit is a health care credit card that allows for you to pay for your care with 0% interest rate for an approved monthly term. Patients can apply in office for instant approval. This option permits monthly payments to fit within any budget.

Personal Injury

If you have an auto accident you will be expected to complete all the paperwork necessary for us to file a claim on your behalf. If paperwork is not completed within the first week of care, you will be expected to pay for care. If you are using third party coverage to pay for our services and liability has not been accepted or contact with the adjuster is pending, you will be required to put your health insurance card on file or an alternate form of payment. Letters of Protection are accepted on a case by case basis.

We Accept

MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, valid checks and cash in exchange for services. Please bring your insurance card and identification.

we accept


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